“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” Mahatma Gandhi

What we do



Although our main efforts focus on nourishment through food, we are far more interested in supporting the members of our society who have been forgotten and abandoned. Food is merely a small step towards sharing the love.

It becomes such a heavy burden upon people when they do not even have the resources to feed themselves and their family. When hunger sets in, so does illness. The next step is distraction, and a loss of hope.

When family members skip meals, and go to bed hungry, they are also going to bed (if they have a bed at all) with intense fear. They have to battle thoughts around what might happen tomorrow, and whether or not there is a way out of the incessant poverty.

A short while later, when everything seems hopeless, people begin to contemplate suicide. In some cases, mental illness sets in. Anxiety takes it toll. Sadly, some of those who feel detached and abandoned turn to crime, or sink their sorrows in alcohol or drugs, thereby sparking a whole new set of problems.

At St. Merkorious Charity, we feed the poor in order to relieve them of the misery that builds up when hunger consumes every waking moment with thoughts of desperation and futility.

Our Food Relief Service allows people to realise that they are not forgotten, and that someone cares enough to visit them, talk to them, and support them in their hour of need.

Imagine the relief of knowing that someone cares enough to volunteer their time to cook and serve meals to those who have lost everything, even their dignity.

With the help of our many sponsors, we can reach out to those in pain, and let them know that life can get better. There is hope. There is love. Tomorrow brings new opportunities. Christ sends His angels to keep the spirit of human kindness ever present.

Our reach

Although St. Merkorious Charity is headquartered in Strathfield South, our Charity serves 4000 meals per week (and growing) to clients who are as far away as Mount Druitt, which is 35 km away. We also look after families in Concord, Burwood, Strathfield, Punchbowl, Bexley, Ryde, Riverwood, Peakhurst, Penshurst, Mortdale, Tellopea, Fairfield, Warwick Farm, and Liverpool.

What We Do









Delivering meals

Thanks to our Major Transport Sponsor, Payce, we now have a new refrigerated van that enables us to collect, prepare, cook, and then distribute fresh food that gives real nourishment.

Opening our eyes

When we visit clients, we open our eyes to ensure that those who are shouldering a heavy burden, can be supported though advice, referrals, clothing, or education support to their children.

Giving hope

Delivering the food is only part of the mission. We engage with our clients, many of whom hardly see (or interact with) another human. We chat, we laugh, we smile. We listen. We give hope.

Serving those in need

We serve anyone in need, regardless of their race, creed, or beliefs. Our mission is to relieve the suffering and to offer hope. Young and old. Male or female. We serve when called.

Working together

They say that there is strength in numbers. Indeed there is. Additionally, there is joy in giving. Our staff and volunteers experience tremendous satisfaction, knowing that their simple acts of kindness can change lives. Our supporters, including the companies who donate money or services in kind, come together as a mighty team, each giving what they can, to make a huge difference. While we do serve selflessly, we are rewarded immeasurably.

St. Merkorious Charity is not just a good idea that was born of necessity. It is a commission by God to reach and help the poor. It is not a challenge that can be fulfilled by one person. Rather, it is a mission of compassion that can only be achieved when each of us puts our hand to the plough so that together we can do God’s work with love in our heart.

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Address: Unit 3 6-20 Braidwood Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136

Email: Charity@StMerkorious.com.au

Phone: 02 9799 9954

Mobile: 0478 760 450

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