St Merkorious Charity is not just a good idea that was born of necessity. It is a commission by God to reach and help the poor. It is not a challenge that can be fulfilled by one person. Rather, it is a mission of compassion that can only be achieved when each of us puts our hand to the plough so that together we can do God’s work with love in our heart.

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Address: Unit 3 6-20 Braidwood Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136


Phone: 02 9799 9954

Mobile: 0478 760 450

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Like flowing water

Since opening our doors, we have been encouraged by the enthusiasm, passion, talent, and sacrifice of so many special people who have put precious time aside to serve
St Merkorious, and the poor around us.

Thanks to our sponsors


In the short time since our inception, we have achieved so much, including renovating our headquarters, establishing our office, and cooking meals (and providing financial support) to the homeless and the hungry.

None of these services could be provided without our generous and compassionate sponsors. Each one of them could very well turn a blind eye, and go about their business. Instead, they heed the call to show mercy and love to the very many people, including the elderly who simply do not have anyone to support them, who cry, who fret, who sink deeply into depression, wondering what they had done to deserve such misery and perceived shame.

Our sponsors are now working with us to find ways to assist children whose parents can no longer afford to give them a basic education, or to help them with homework. In some cases, refugees cannot speak English and are unable to assist their children with homework. To that end, our amazing sponsors are now working with us to lift up the young ones, and to keep them focussed on their education and personal development so that the vicious cycle of poverty can be arrested.

We invite you, dear reader, to join our delightful team of sponsors. Every little bit helps. We now need to expand our program to assist those in serious need of essentials such as furniture, money, education, or counselling. Many of our clients do not have warm blankets. They don’t have an oven. The poverty is crushing. To many Australians, this level of poverty seems unbelievable. Sadly, it is real and unfathomable.

Whether you can assist us in kind, via services, or via financial donations, we would love to hear from you.

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