As the global effect of COVID-19 continues to evolve, St. Merkorious Charity is firmly committed to the health and safety of our members, volunteers, sponsors, as well as the individuals and communities we serve. We understand this is a challenging time for everyone and remain dedicated to feeding those most in need during this unprecedented time.


As is widely reported in the media, supplies are increasingly difficult to procure forcing us to put a hold on kitchen operations and stop receiving deliveries. As a consequence of the aforementioned, we have been doing things differently since Monday March 23rd, 2020 until further notice.


Meals are still being distributed through a trusted and reliable avenue. We have been outsourcing the production and delivery of meals to ensure the most vulnerable still receive the essentials and are not abandoned during this difficult time. 

Those involved are asked to wear Personal Protective Equipment and maintain appropriate social distancing and adhere to Government guidelines. They must:

  • Wash hands upon arrival and regularly. Use sanitiser when available.

  • Keep 1.5m apart.

  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow.


Government advice states that if you have developed symptoms, you must immediately isolate yourself and seek medical attention. Contact your local Emergency Department or Healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222 and tell the professional where you have travelled and describe any symptoms you have experienced.


We pray that God will protect us and save us in this time of trouble.



For more information on COVID-19 visit:

- https://www.health.gov.au/

Please refer to the PDF's below for your benefit.





St. Merkorious Charity is not just a good idea that was born of necessity. It is a commission by God to reach and help the poor. It is not a challenge that can be fulfilled by one person. Rather, it is a mission of compassion that can only be achieved when each of us puts our hand to the plough so that together we can do God’s work with love in our heart.

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