Reaching out to those in need

Australian charities help approximately 240,000 people each year. That’s quite an achievement. Unfortunately, it hardly scratches the surface in terms of supporting the larger community whose burden is overwhelming.

A recent Census showed that 105,200 families were without a home. They were living in strange places, or bunking with friends until their situation improves (if it ever improves). Many more were on the brink of homelessness, going without food, so that they can afford to pay rent. 


Food insecurity has effected more then 4 million Australians. 18% have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months. Sadly, 22% of these were children.

The number of people who have no friends, and no support network, and who are forced to ‘sleep rough’ in parks, under bridges, and in ally ways, is over 6,300. They own nothing more than the clothes on their back. 6,300 on the streets of this country of ours. 

If we explore the issues by community sector, or by postcode, or by gender, or age, we see disturbing trends. Suburban councils are trying to tackle this region by region.

Our compassionate volunteers, along with our skeletal staff and our generous sponsors, are tirelessly lending a hand to those in need.

Poverty has a horrible domino effect. Homelessness also comprises of high levels of stress, psychological and physical issues often relating to lack of nutrition.


This is where the team at St Merkorious steps in. We provide nutritional meals, comfort without judging, and a support system which will help alleviate the struggles and sadness in their life. We respond whole heartedly and aim to make a positive difference in their life.









Our Vision

To relieve hunger and poverty by providing access to healthy food, clothing and essential items for day-to-day living. Our job is to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who are stuck in poverty. Where a family has children, we seek to empower them through education.

Our Mission

To prepare and provide nourishing meals for less fortunate individuals and families, and to arrange, encourage and facilitate community development programs to tackle poverty at its root. Through scholarships and homework support, children will be given hope.

Our Values

We are guided by principles of human rights and social fairness. By sharing the wealth, we act with love, compassion, and tolerance. We provide support without judgment. We do not discriminate on religion, gender, race, or age. We respect each client’s privacy and dignity.

Working with other charities

We have positive relations with a range of organisations. We strongly believe that it is only by connecting with other charities that we can provide better assistance to people in need, by way of referrals, in order to begin the slow process to rebuilding lives. Over time, we have been privileged to support other charities including: COCOS; The Exodus Foundation; Jesus Cares; St. Paul's Mission; David’s Place; Group of Love; and St. Merkorious Church in Rhodes.

St. Merkorious Charity is not just a good idea that was born of necessity. It is a commission by God to reach and help the poor. It is not a challenge that can be fulfilled by one person. Rather, it is a mission of compassion that can only be achieved when each of us puts our hand to the plough so that together we can do God’s work with love in our heart.

Contact Us

Address: Unit 3 6-20 Braidwood Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136


Phone: 02 9799 9954

Mobile: 0478 760 450

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